Board of Directors

Preserve Louisiana is a privately funded organization governed by a board of volunteers from the community. Our directors and officers represent all aspects of Baton Rouge’s diverse cultural, socio-economic, and professional make up. They are elected by the membership and serve various term lengths. Members also serve on other boards, including the Louisiana State Museum Board, Baton Rouge Area Convention and Visitors Bureau, and the East Baton Rouge Parish Historic Preservation Commission.

Claire Herthum Major, 2017-2019 Chairperson

Claire Herthum Major, 2017-2019 Chairperson

A Letter from the Chair

Dear Louisiana citizens,

Imagine a place with no history! What would it feel like to live in a community with no old buildings showcasing architecture of the past? No historic sites or landmarks with stories that shaped our present? Nothing existing to beckon old memories that perhaps had a profound effect on the life of someone we loved? And worst of all, nothing to learn from? 

Thankfully, it is an unrealistic scenario. As a society, we know the importance, relevance and benefits of all that history does for us. Even so, we have lost many significant, historic buildings and sites for various reasons—some due to neglect or because people may not value or are unaware of what preservation can do for a community. That is why we do what we do. Because preservation is smart economic development. Did you know that a person will look at an old building 30 seconds longer than a new one? Or that “as a rule of thumb, new construction will cost half materials, half labor. On the other hand, rehabilitation will be 60% to 70% labor with the balance being materials.” (Donovan Rypkema, Economic Benefits of Preservation.)  That's good growth. That's sustainable revitalization.

I am privileged to be the Preserve Louisiana’s Chairperson for the next two years. Having served on the board since 2014, I have witnessed the great things our organization has accomplished. We hope that we have made a positive impression and ask you to join us in all great things yet to come.

In 2016, we began our rebranding initiative—not to change what our vision and mission guide us to do—but to do it better and be more effective. To achieve organizational excellence.  We’ve listened to our members, donors and partners, and we’ve heard you. In the hands of our capable Executive Director, Fairleigh Jackson, Preserve Louisiana staff, and our competent, diverse board—all passionate about preservation and our organization’s values—we will help continue the effort of making Louisiana a place in which you are proud to live and work.

Preserve Louisiana continues to support revitalized, sustainable Louisiana communities. We encourage preserving what teaches and reminds us that the past is a significant part of our present and guides the development of our future. I promise to listen, support and work to fulfill our mission … please join us today by becoming a member or supporting us in any way you can.

All the best,

Claire Major
Chairperson 2017-2019


2017-2019 Board of Directors

Claire Herthum Major, Chair*

Mark Upton*

Doug Cochran*

Vicki Spurlock*

Nedra Davis

*denotes officer

Melissa Easton

Rachel Emanuel

Donovan Hobdy

Whitney LaNasa

Jacob Wilbert