Preserve Louisiana (formerly the Foundation for Historical Louisiana) was founded in November of 1963 with the purpose of promoting local interest in the heritage of Baton Rouge and the state of Louisiana. Preserve Louisiana uses today's resources to preserve the treasures of yesterday and improve the quality of tomorrow. 

Our aim is to promote cultural awareness and to encourage economic growth that revitalizes our communities through historic preservation. We seek to unite community leaders, business people, historians, teachers, and preservationists in a coalition approach to historic education and preservation advocacy.

Founders & Past Presidents


Mrs. Heidel Brown

Mrs. Roger M. Fritchie

Mrs. James H. Hynes

Mrs. G.T. Owen, Jr.

Mr. Edward Overton Perkins

Mrs. V.R. Perkins

Mrs. G.C. Reeves

Mrs. E. Leland Richardson

Mrs. Homer D. Spaht

Mrs. Frank M. Womack

Past Presidents & Chairs

Mark Upton, 2015-2017

Doug Cochran, 2011-2015

Mark Upton, 2009-2011

Lenore Feeny, 2007-2009

Darryl Gissel, 2004-2007

John W. Wilbert, Jr., 2000-2004

George Jenne, 1994-2000

Ira Paul Babin, 1992-1994

Lorice Say, 1990-1992