Preserve Louisiana strives to preserve the cultural and architectural heritage of our state through advocacy, stewardship, and most important, education. Endless resources and programs are available to those interested in saving our rich and unique culture.


Professional Preservation Services


Preserve Louisiana offers services to communities, businesses, and homeowners in the hopes of promoting historical preservation through design and renovations. Our Director of Preservation Field Services works in many areas to achieve this goal.


A "Cultural District," as defined by law, is a district designated by a Local Governing Authority for the purpose of revitalizing a community by creating a hub of cultural activity, by offering communities opportunities to create or rebuild cultural destinations.


Once a Cultural District is certified, two tax incentives take effect:

  1. The sales of original, one-of-a-kind works of art are exempt from local and state sales tax.
  2. Renovations to historic structures within the district may be eligible for residential and commercial state historic income tax credits.

Similar programs in other states have resulted in increased occupancy, property renovations, a sense of community identity, increased social activity and jobs.


Louisiana Main Street is a community-driven revitalization program designed to promote the historic and economic redevelopment of traditional commercial districts in Louisiana. The Main Street program improves all aspects of downtown, producing both tangible and intangible benefits. Improving economic management, strengthening public participation, and making downtown a fun place to visit are as critical to Main Street's future as recruiting new businesses and rehabilitating buildings.

The program uses four guiding principles to achieve community revitalization: organization, promotion, design, and economic restructuring.


Honor, protection, and financial incentives. These are just a few of the benefits when placed on the National Register of Historic Places. We work to add Louisiana's historic places to this list.


The Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation administers the Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit in conjunction with the National Park Service (NPS) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and two State tax credits in conjunction with the Louisiana Department of Revenue (LDR). The purpose of tax credits is to encourage the preservation of historic buildings through incentives to support rehabilitation of historic and older buildings.