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Heritage Lecture: An Architecture Apart: The Significance of Separate African American Spaces

During the Jim Crow era, the separation of facilities for blacks and whites led to the creation of African Americans schools, theaters, commercial buildings, and whole commercial districts. These separate spaces were vibrant centers of learning, social life, and commerce. Many times, the resulting architecture was a testament to excellence achieved in the face of social and economic barriers. When integration lifted the restrictions on other spaces, it brought a certain degree of obsolescence to these African American local landmarks. In the years since, many African American structures have been left vacant; their histories silenced behind boarded doors and windows.  

Join us for a lecture with Laura Blokker, Assistant Director and adjunct lecturer for the Tulane School of Architecture's Master of Preservation Studies program. Blokker will discuss the stories of some significant African American buildings and the roles of these building in the future of Louisiana. 

Refreshments will be served by Calandro's Fine Wines and Spirits at 6 p.m. and the lecture begins at 6:30 p.m.

Active Preserve Louisiana members are FREE and non-member registration is $10. 

                                       Lincoln Theater in Baton Rouge

                                       Lincoln Theater in Baton Rouge