our vision

Keeping the past part of the present

Our Mission

To promote the preservation of our state’s cultural and architectural heritage through education, advocacy and stewardship.

We Believe That...

...protecting significant historic places and cultural traditions makes us special and unique. Our lives are rooted in places and people and that history defines a part of who we are now and in the future.

...fulfilling our mission enriches the lives of our citizens and attracts visitors. Louisiana is a rich story that is compelling to all. 

...our staff, board of directors, volunteers and members are people who love Louisiana’s historic architecture, our rich culture an their significance and that we will always seek and attract people who share this love. It's contagious! 

...our leaders must be thoughtful and action-oriented; we cannot just talk about what must be done, we must be proactive and determined in all we do.  

...we must be diverse and embrace the multi-cultural richness of Louisiana by respecting the unique and intertwined histories that exist. 

...collaboration with local, regional and federal preservation, arts, and cultural agencies, as well as non-profit organizations makes us stronger. For those with a shared mission, we will advocate together. 

...we will be innovative in our thinking and strategy and seek fresh ways to meet our mission—not everything has to be preserved. 

...because our children will hand over the knowledge and appreciation of our history, education is a crucial part of our role. 

...although our work focuses on the past, we must be contemporary in our thinking as we embrace the new with the old. 

...existing communities are strengthened, old communities are rebuilt, and new communities are developed because of historic preservation.

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